A part of your responsibility as a pet owner is providing your furry friend with medical care so that they live a long and healthy life. Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove offers a variety of veterinary services to help you accomplish this endeavor. Contact our veterinarian to make an appointment if your pet requires any of the following services.

Comprehensive Well Examinations

Bringing your pet to a "fear-free" clinic is a plus if your pet tends to get anxious when in unfamiliar areas. Our veterinarian is seasoned in treating cats and dogs of all demeanors and has a special bond with those that usually shy away from strangers. From the minute you walk into our practice, you'll feel at ease with our staff members and the comfortable atmosphere. 

During a wellness examination, our vet will check over your pet's vital signs for any indication of a medical problem and will then follow up with a head to tail assessment of your pet's body and its functions. It is important to bring your cat or dog to see us at least yearly so that we have a documented history available to refer to as they age. If your pet requires medical assistance because of a condition discovered during a routine exam, our veterinarian will discuss your options to determine the best treatment available.

Preventative Medicine and Treatment

Pets require some preventative treatments to keep them healthy. Immunizations are administered during routine examinations to help protect your pet from harmful medical risks. In addition to these helpful vaccines, our veterinarian is available to treat your pet to keep parasites from causing them harm.

Other preventative measures we provide to our patients include microchipping to give you the peace of mind that your pet could be reunited with you if it strays away from your watch and spaying or neutering to eliminate the potential of unwanted puppies or kittens. Each of these preventative actions is conducted after you are informed of the procedures used by our vet to keep your pet protected.

Trauma Or Illness Care

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of a pet becoming injured or sick at some time in their life. If this happens, calling our veterinarian immediately to find out how to care for your pet until you can get to our practice is best. Our vet will alert staff members about your impending visit with your vet so they are prepared for your arrival. This ensures prompt care is provided to help your pet get back to a comfortable state.

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