Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy has been around for nearly 50 years. Used mostly on humans it’s amazing healing capabilities has crossed into the animal kingdom. Proving beneficial to our furry friend’s health as well, and we at Kindness Family Pet Clinic incorporate this treatment into our caring, fear-free services.

Cold Laser Therapy

What is Cold Laser Therapy

Not to be confused with regular laser therapy that uses high heat laser light to cut through soft tissue. Cold laser therapy is just the opposite using very low-level laser light. This cool heated light does not cut either. Instead, penetrate through the skin to help promote blood flow and circulation as well as help to promote healing and cell regrowth. The results are the cold laser therapy helps desensitize the nerves and receptors thus lessening the pain. It has also been hinted at that cold laser therapy just releases the pet’s natural endorphins, which are the bodies original pain relief makers. Other suggestions are the treatments act as anti-inflammatory drugs. Either way, the benefits are phenomenal.

 The Benefits

It is official that laser therapy has grown in use in the business of veterinary medicine. Why? The benefits from its treatment have been proven more fruitful that it hasn’t. Especially when treating arthritis pain in pets. Here are some other benefits of cold laser therapy.

  • It's non-invasive
  • Its pain-free (which matches our fear free motto)
  • No medication needed
  • Your pet gets instant results.
  • No sedation needed
  • No side effects

 Many animals have regained their mobility and activeness from arthritis stiffness through these soothing treatments. Yes, soothing. The animals often find the procedure welcoming because it helps alleviate their pain after one session releasing their happy endorphins. The procedure for cold therapy treatment is fairly simple. No special prep is needed on the animal’s part. The veterinarian may allow the animals' family inside the room as the pet can sit or stand as a laser wand is used over the affected area. Again, no pain is felt as only the low light frequency is used. Some wands come with the feature to adjust the light frequencies to adjust to the treatment needed. A treatment can take 20 minutes more or less.

 Still, curious about cold laser therapy in the Forest Grove area? Come in and talk to one of the caring veterinarian staff at Kindness Family Pet Clinic to see how this special service can benefit your furry family friend today.

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