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Are you looking for a qualified veterinarian who will perform laser therapy services on your pet? If so, you'll be pleased to know that it's easier than you might think to find this form of veterinary treatment in Forest Grove. You can rest assured that here at Kindness Family Pet Clinic we will have your pet's best interests in mind at all times. 

Cold Laser Therapy

What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a procedure that has been in existence for almost 50 years. Though it's mainly used on humans, this therapy has been found to have healing capabilities for animals as well. It is great for many ailments that affect our furry friends as well. This fear-free service is not 100 percent guaranteed to provide significant relief to all pets, though it does have a high rate of success.

You should not confuse cold laser therapy with the therapy that utilizes high-heat laser light in order to cut through soft tissue. Cold laser therapy utilizes extremely low-level laser light that does not burn or damage tissue at all. Instead of cutting, it penetrates skin to promote circulation and blood flow. This is ideal for supporting cell regrowth and healing. The light desensitizes pain receptors and nerves to help lessen pain levels.

Benefits Derived from Cold Laser Therapy

Many animals have become more mobile and active after receiving these services. The fear-free treatment has brought about a wide range of healing benefits in pets. There are many pros to using cold laser therapy services, which include:

  • The animal will not need to be sedated
  • It is pain-free and non-invasive
  • Your pet should have instant results
  • No medication is needed in order to get cold laser therapy
  • There are no side effects to the therapy

The treatment is relatively simple and there is no special preparation necessary. Family of the pet can also stay in the room while the treatment is performed. Treatments tend to take about 20 minutes.

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We love to be able to help animals as much as we can with our services. If you've got any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us right away so our team of dedicated veterinary professionals can talk over what's involved in the service and what we need from you, especially if your pet is a new patient. Call Kindness Pet Clinic at 503-359-9548 today to schedule an appointment.

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