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My dear Ricky died peacefully in his sleep on the afternoon of Monday, April 8, 2019 at the Family Kindness Pet Clinic in Forest Grove, OR.

Ricky was a Shepherd-Collie mix who grew to be 90 pounds and lived a long, happy life - 15 years, three months and eight days. I found Ricky at the Bonnie Hayes Animal Shelter when he was only eight weeks old.  When I saw him I immediately knew that he was the puppy for me.  In his spare time, Ricky enjoyed going on long walks and runs around the neighborhood or Hagg Lake.

During his lifetime Ricky established very strong, friendly relationships with other dogs and with all the people he knew.  He loved to express his delight in seeing his friends by greeting them with excited, yet warm, vocalizations. Many neighborhood children found a friendly dog to pet and play with Ricky. Some older people liked to play a game of chase or wrestle with Ricky in his younger days.  It seemed like Ricky enjoyed people a lot; we hope Ricky knew how much people enjoyed him.  One person commented that it was impossible to visit with Ricky and go away not knowing that their day had just gotten a lot better.

Thanks to a good diet, plenty of exercise, and the outstanding care and support provided by Dr. Darrin Kortyka, and his team at the Family Kindness Pet Clinic, Ricky’s quality of life was excellent. During the last few weeks of his life, Ricky’s hind legs started having problems supporting his weight. He lost his appetite quickly during his last three days. As I looked into his eyes, I knew I needed to make the most difficult decision in my life. Ricky did not die alone. Doctor Darrin Kortyka (with whom he did develop a positive personal relationship during those years) and Certified Veterinary Technician, Alicia were with Ricky and me. As can be expected when one loses his best friend, saying goodbye was very emotional for all of us. Thank you, Kindness Family Pet Clinic, for taking wonderful care of my beloved family member for all those years.

We will always miss you Ricky. You were the best friend a man could have!

My baby went across the bridge a little over a year ago. Not a day goes by where I do not miss his snorting face. Best dog ever. He loved Kindness Family Pet Clinic and they took such great care of him. Thank you so much.


This is our sweet girl Noel. We lost Noel in November of 2016, she had just turned 11 years old in October 2016. Noel developed hemolytic anemia in March of 2016. Dr. Kortyka and his staff worked diligently with treatment to help Noel get better. By the time July rolled around, we were all off medications and things were going well. I will never forget October 31, Halloween night. Noel started showing symptoms of the anemia returning. In spite of all Dr. Kortyka and his staff did Noel declined quickly and we had to make the painful decision to let her go. Her little body just couldn’t take anymore. Even though Dr. Story and Dr. Bedsaul would have arranged for a blood transfusions that day, we knew in our hearts we had to do what was right and let our beloved Noel cross the bridge. There was not a dry eye in the clinic, Noel was at the clinic so many times during her initial treatment for blood draws she was a little puppy trooper. We miss her each and every day. Time does heal but there is always a special place in our heart for Noel. It is never easy to say goodbye to a pet. Our fur babies capture our heart, souls and love unconditionally. We will forever be grateful for the care and love Dr. Kortyka, Dr. Story and Dr. Bedsaul and the staff at Kindness Family Pet gave to Noel. During a time when our hearts were breaking from making a painful decision to let her go, to comforting us after, the staff at Kindness Family Pet were simply put, amazing. To find doctors and a staff that loves your pets as much as you do is a blessing. We are so thankful for you all and we know that Noel is happy and pain free at Rainbow Bridge.

We love you all, ❤️❤️

Sean, Sheila and Emma McGonigal


12 days ago my handsome boy crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was the greatest secret keeping, tear absorbent, cheese loving best friend a girl could ask for. I count myself lucky having been loved by some one so giving. He will be missed deeply and in my heart forever ❤️❤️.

I love you Charrllee.

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