Itchy Skin & Ear Infection

Does your pet suffer from itchy skin? Maybe they seem especially susceptible to ear infections. Fortunately, your pet does not need to accept these infections as a way of life. By making just a few adjustments, it is possible to clear up pet skin and ear infections. This way, your pet can live a far more comfortable life. At Kindness Family Pet Clinic, our veterinarian has years of experience identifying and addressing pet skin and ear infections in Forest Grove, OR.


Allergies Are the Main Cause

Pets suffer from allergies just like humans. Some of these allergies are seasonal. There are several medications available to help your pet avoid seasonal allergies. We can also provide you with some ideas on how to avoid encountering these seasonal allergens. 

Food allergies also cause pet skin and ear infections. Many pet foods use filler ingredients, such as grain, wheat, soy, and other products that do not add nutritional value to your pet's food. Pets can be allergic to these filler ingredients. Other pets suffer from allergies to certain kinds of proteins. For example, some pets are allergic to chicken. If you suspect your pet’s issues are being caused by allergies, our veterinarian will identify and address whatever your pet is allergic to.

Topical Issues

Other times, your pet may be coming into contact with something in their environment that is causing them to experience skin and ear infections. We will identify whatever is irritating your pet’s skin and help you avoid it in the future.

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Chances are your pet suffers from some kind of allergy. Most allergies are either seasonal or food-based and, and it will not be difficult to identify the culprit behind what is causing your pet skin and ear infections. However, your pet won't receive the treatments and relief they need until you're able to bring them in. If your pet needs relief from a skin infection, an ear infection, or another kind of irritation, Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove is ready to assist you. For more information about pet skin and ear infections or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian, call us at (503) 359-9548.

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