Hip Dysplasia

Kindness Family Pet Clinic Offers Treatment of Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a disorder that affects several canine breeds. The condition can lead to increasing difficulty with rear leg movement and increasing discomfort. Several treatments are available to help with hip dysplasia, to improve function and quality of life. At Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove, OR, we provide orthopedic care for our patients with hip dysplasia.


What Is Hip Dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia affects the hips where they join the lower spine. The joint itself may be abnormally developed or the joint may have experienced an injury that affects the cartilage that cushions the hip joints. Where this cushioning substance wears away, pain and problems with movement can result. Hip dysplasia is not the same as osteoarthritis, although arthritis may also exist with the disorder.

Symptoms of Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Pet owners begin to suspect hip dysplasia problems when they notice their pets slowing down and being reluctant to exercise. The animal may have trouble getting up from a lying position or may have difficulty climbing stairs. There may be lameness in the hind legs or a swaying, “bunny hop” gait. The dog may vocalize in pain or have noticeably stiff movement. These are signs you should make an appointment to have a thorough evaluation of your dog’s condition.

Treatments For Hip Dysplasia

Treating canine hip dysplasia takes a multi-pronged approach. Measures to manage weight can help to relieve stress on the affected joints. Certain types of exercise may be eliminated to protect the hip joint. Physical therapy may be recommended to reduce discomfort and improve function. Supplements that help to support joint function may be prescribed. Your vet can also prescribe anti-inflammatory medications that help deal with discomfort and stiffness. Several surgical procedures are also available for canine hip dysplasia. Your vet will determine if surgery is the appropriate option for your pet.

Make Kindness Family Pet Clinic Your Vet in Forest Grove, OR

Dr. Kortyka, Dr. Story, Dr. Thursam, and the team at Kindness Family Pet Clinic are committed to helping their patients in Fores Grove, OR and nearby communities maintain good health throughout life. We offer a broad range of veterinary services, including vaccinations, surgery, preventative care, dental care, and laser therapy. Call Kindness Family Pet Clinic today at 503-359-9548 for an appointment to have your pet examined and learn about treatments for hip dysplasia that can help.

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