Pet Eye Infections

Pet Eye Infection Treatments in Forest Grove

One of the most common reasons that pets visit the veterinarian is due to pet eye infections. It's very common for your cat or dog to contract an eye infection and many different things can easily cause the condition. At Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove, we can meet your pet, make a quick diagnosis and develop a plan of treatment right away to soothe your dog or cat.


Canine Eye Infections

Eye infections are much more prevalent in dogs than cats. This is mainly due to dogs spending more time outside than an inside cat. If your dog is itching at his eye, the eye is watering, secreting a green or yellow discharge or his eye is very red, he most likely has some kind of eye infection. Eye infections of all types may suddenly appear overnight, or they may reoccur many times. Needless to say, your dog needs veterinary care if you suspect an eye infection.

Feline Cat Infections

Common eye infections in cats are from the herpes virus. This can be avoided if you stick to your vaccination schedule for your kitten or cat. It presents itself as an infection of the eye that is red, irritated and inflamed. This will occur in times when your feline friend is feeling stress, which in cats, can be caused by anything out of the ordinary. Cats may also contract bacterial infections and fungal infections in the eyes.

When to Take Pets to the Vet for an Eye Infection

Some indications of an irritated eye are the same as an eye infection. If you clean your furry friend's eyes with plain saline solution, you may wash out the irritating substance and the eye will resolve the issue on its own. However, it's important that if this home advice doesn't work, you should make an appointment to see your vet as soon as possible for treatment. Treatments differ depending on the type of eye infection be it fungal, viral or bacterial in nature. Some serious infections that go untreated can cause your companion to lose their sight.

Trust Your Pets to The Kind Veterinarians in Forest Grove

Our team members' number one concern at Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove is to provide you with the finest pet care available in the area. If you suspect your pet has an eye infection, you should schedule an appointment with us for an examination, a proper diagnosis, and receive mediations for your dog or cat immediately. Pet eye infections can be very serious. Call us today at 503-359-9548 so that your pet can begin healing right away and get back to being your playful companion.

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