3 Reasons Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

Just like humans, your pet’s oral health care is important. You brush your teeth every day, but do you do the same for your pet? If not, it is important to start thinking of how you can include dental care into your pet’s routine care. Unfortunately, about 70 percent of dogs and 60 percent of cats that are over the age of three have some form of dental disease that isn’t discernable just by looking at them. It is important to make sure your pets are getting the dental care they need from your Forest Grove veterinarian. Here are three reasons why pet dental care is important.

dental care

Eliminate Bad Breath

One of the first warning signs that pet dental care is needed is bad breath. If your pets have bad breath, it typically means that there are bacteria growing in their mouths, which can create more serious problems if left untreated for too long. Visiting the veterinarian in Forest Grove for regular cleanings will help ensure your pets’ stay healthy and that their bad breath doesn’t cause you to turn away every time they get too close.

Prevent Gum Disease

Pets, like humans, are subject to gum disease if they don’t have the proper dental care. Without routine pet dental care, the cause of your pets’ bad breath may become a serious health problem. Bacteria and left over food particles in your pets’ teeth will cause plaque and tarter to form, and if not removed, the bacteria will get under their gums causing gingivitis or another gum disease. Gum disease is painful for pets, but the good news is your veterinarian can often reverse the effects of gingivitis with thorough cleanings.

Prevent the Risk of Serious Health Problems

Not only is pet dental care critical for protecting your pets against gum disease, but it can also help prevent a variety of other serious health problems, such as kidney or heart disease. When bacteria is left alone to thrive in an animal’s mouth, it will eventually find its way into the tissues surrounding teeth, which leads to infections that can enter the bloodstream and cause damage to their liver, kidneys, and heart.

Along with routine pet dental cleanings and exams, there are easy at-home ways to make sure your pets are getting the dental attention they need. Regularly brushing your pets’ teeth is the most effective way to prevent oral health problems. There are also dental treats available that will help to remove plaque and tarter from a dog or cat’s teeth.

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