Pet Ear Infections

Our veterinarians at Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove, OR, focus on positive interactions with your pet to minimize your pet’s stress while providing treatment. Anxiety compounds an animals’ ability to recover just the way it does for people. All of the veterinarians at our practice bring years of experience to their work while maintaining a calming and supportive environment.

Whether your pet spends its time inside or outside, pets come in contact with bacteria, ear mites, and other tiny organisms that can make their way into the ears and cause ear infections. Ears are a sensitive part of a pet’s body and examinations of this area may not always be well tolerated. You can rest assured that when you bring your pet in for an accurate diagnosis of an ear infection, we will provide loving care for your pet and a treatment plan to help your furry friend feel better.


The Symptoms of an Ear Infection

Ears get infected or become inflamed when excess bacteria, yeast, or other microorganisms grow in the ear. The shape of the ear shields the inside from wind and can sometimes trap moisture, providing an excellent breeding ground for these organisms. Pets suffering from ear infections will usually give off an odor coming from the ears or have some sort of discharge noticeable in the ear or dripping out of it.

Your pet’s ears may appear darker pink or red and can swell. Pets may be seen scratching or pawing at their ears more often than normal, or shaking their heads as if trying to knock irritants out of their ears. If the infection progresses further down the ear canal it may affect your pet’s equilibrium, causing the animal to tilt when standing or walking or even walk in circles.

Treatments Our Veterinarians Can Provide

One of our veterinarians will assess the full extent of your pet’s ear infection using an otoscope. This instrument is inserted into the ear canal to look down to the eardrum. Many ear infections will clear up with the use of prescription antibiotics. The eardrum may also rupture but this can be treated as long as the veterinarian addresses the problem.

To prevent pet ear infections, keep up with flea and ear mite preventative medications. This should help significantly to prevent ear infections since your pet won’t scratch at the parasites in its ears. Clean your pet’s ears periodically, and remember to always be gentle. Keep the fur around your pet’s ears shorter to encourage airflow.

Pet Ear Infection Treatment in Forest Grove, OR

Kindness Family Pet Clinic in Forest Grove, OR, offers veterinary care by knowledgeable veterinarians dedicated to fear-free experiences for pets. If you suspect your pet has an ear infection, call us today at 503-359-9548 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.

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