Pet Obesity

Can Pet Obesity Harm My Pet?

Pets are like people in a lot of ways, including the way that being overweight impacts their health and wellbeing. An obese pet may be cute and even funny, but all that extra weight could end up causing him a number of health problems. Our Forest Grove veterinary team recommends coming in for a visit if you are concerned about your pet's weight. We'll be able to help you plan a gentle weight loss program for your pet. 


4 Ways Obesity Can Harm your Pet

Joint Pain and Arthritis

An older pet may experience some arthritis as he ages, and extra weight will make his discomfort worse. All those extra pounds weigh his joints down and can lead to damage in his hips or knees. Just like humans, dogs can tear an ACL, the important ligament in the knee. Their risk of an ACL tear soars when they are heavier than they should be. 

Heart Disease

A pet with extra pounds is more susceptible to heart problems and even high blood pressure. Dropping back to a normal weight can reduce his risk of cardiac problems now and later in life. Simple changes in diet and a little more exercise can have a huge and almost immediate impact on his risk levels and protect his heart from harm. 

Increased Health Risks

Obese pets do not heal as well as others do. Those extra pounds can make treating usually simple conditions more complex and put your pet's health at risk in a variety of ways. For females, extra pounds can translate to high risk pregnancies and difficult recovery times. 

Reduced Lifespan

You love your pet and want as much time with him as possible. Obesity could steal as many as two years away from his overall life span, according to the most recent research. That is time you could spend together and will greatly miss. Taking action now can prolong your pet's life later. 

Get Help with Pet Obesity

You're not alone. More than half of all adult dogs and cats are overweight. Schedule an appointment with Kindness Family Pet Clinic. Our fear-free setting and caring staff will help your pet with a plan to overcome his obesity. Dietary and behavior changes may be needed, but slow, steady weight loss will improve your pet's overall health and wellbeing, both now and in the future. Contact us today to set up a time to come in and we'll work together to banish his extra pounds for good. Our number is 503-359-9548.

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