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Pet microchipping is one of the greatest innovations for our furry friends in recent years, as these tiny chips can help reunite animals with their true owners. It is not uncommon for cats and dogs to make a beeline for open doors or to dig under or jump fences in efforts to escape. Our vet in Forest Grove can insert one of these devices in your pet in just seconds, and it costs less than a routine wellness exam.


Implanting Microchips and How They Help Pets Get Home

Here at Kindness Family Pet Clinic, our vet simply inserts and RFID chip that is the size of a rice grain into your pet’s neck region. They will experience no discomfort beyond a standard vaccine shot, and they will never know it is even there. The device rests just beneath the skin, requires no anesthesia, and your animal can return home with you immediately after the procedure.

After microchipping, owners set up an account with an independent database that contains their personal contact information. Should their animal be found in a shelter or on the streets, a vet or shelter team member can scan the animal with a special device to see if they have been chipped. If so, the registry is contacted so efforts can begin in notifying owners eager to reunite with their beloved pet. No frequencies are emitted by the device until they are scanned, minimizing any harmful side effects due to exposure long-term.

The Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Antsy pets, excitable pets and those that get skittered easy might wander off from time to time. Fortunately, having pets microchipped can help alleviate the stress and worry of missing animals in addition to helping them get home safe and sound much sooner that flyers or ads. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says that chipped canines have a 55% increase in chances of reuniting with their owners versus non-chipped pets. Cats enjoy a 40% increase in odds with the chip.

However, even some chipped pets are not able to reconnect with owners due to one simple issue: the failure to keep information for contacting them within the database or registry. Simply put, the best way to increase your chances of getting your feline or canine home are far more realistic with pet microchipping in Forest Grove.

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